Crono Super PID

The Crono Super PID is an ambulatory syringe infusion pump intended for the controlled administration of liquids into the patients.

Discreet design provides freedom

  • Crono Super PID combines high technology with innovative design. Thanks to the small size of the pump, the patient can administer the drug any time during the day without interrupting daily life or leisure activities.
  • Crono Super PID has a particular mechanism which pushes directly on the rubber syringe piston, which makes it possible to reach a significant thrust force and high accuracy of administration


Improved site absorption and less site pain

  • Crono Super PID administers 22 µl (0.022 ml) per impulse. In case of occlusion, an innovative infusion control system makes it possible to proceed with the infusion automatically and, after the occlusion is eliminated, to complete it.
  • Crono Super PID is fitted with a liquid crystal display which shows the time it takes to complete the delivery, the syringe size and the battery charge status.
  • Crono Super PID is used with either 10 or 20ml syringes.


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