Intra Pump® Infusion Systems

For Quality of Life…

IntraPump® Infusion Systems is a company which distributes a specialized line of personal medical pumps and devices providing solutions for infusion and injection therapy.

IntraPump is the source for the Crono family of pumps which are uniquely designed for specific therapies and have a high degree of accuracy and reliability. The pumps are small, lightweight and portable allowing the user to infuse with discretion and take back control of one’s regular daily activities. The manufacturer of the Crono Pump is Canè S.p.A. Medical Technology, of Turin Italy and has introduced the most advanced infusion device available in the US today.

IntraPump is also the source for subcutaneous infusion sets as well as the only angled indwelling cannula designed to improve patient compliance and reduce pain associated with multiple daily injections. The manufacturer of these devices is Unomedical a/s of Denmark, a ConvaTec Company.

For those who require frequent or multiple injections, insuflon™ consists of a Teflon cannula, has a self-sealing membrane and is placed into the subcutaneous tissue with the help of a stainless-steel needle and then removed leaving the cannula in place. The frequent injections are made into this special membrane instead of the subcutaneous tissue, and therefore no pain or discomfort is felt during injections.

For those looking for a pain free subcutaneous infusion set, see the 29 gauge stainless steel neria™ product line as well as soft cannula sets for infusion, the newest with an autoinjector, all specially designed for subcutaneous drug administration.