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I was PREVIOUSLY using another pump and needle set for SCIG. I was having a terrible time with site swelling, itching, etc. I was also having awful systemic side effects…

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Karen Reeves
My name is Dana and I have spent 20 of my 35 years of life managing a complicated genetic Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) with autoimmune complications. After 17 years…

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Dana Currie, Crono S-PID 50

I  have been living with PH for over 30 years, when i was told what I had there was nothing out there for ph patients but now we have so much to chose from…

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Gwen Brown, Crono Five

The insuflon™ device works extremely well for our 5 year old son who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in March 2004. He is still in the “honeymoon” period and…

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American family, Insuflon

I am 24 year old and from Germany and I do have thalassaemia major. I get 3 units of RBC every three weeks. I use my pump 5 times a week over a 15-20 hour period…

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Katerina Nassis

I’m 23y/o from Australia who has very recently had my spleen removed (I was told it was 8-9 times larger than a normal spleen). My blood transfusion requirement…

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Dimitra Ibrahim