neria ™ guard

neria ™ guard

neria™ guard is a soft cannula infusion set with an integrated insertion device for simple insertions by the touch of a button.

A retractable needle may eliminate accidental needle sticks and increase insertion technique comfort.

  • Adhesive: Built-in, skin friendly non-woven polyester, acrylic adhesive
  • Comfort: Soft and flexible cannulae options and visual monitoring of sites
  • Needle safety: Yes, passive (Needle not visible before, during and after insertion)
  • Insertion device: Yes, incorporated in the product

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician. This infusion set is for subcutaneous delivery only.

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neria™ is an all-in-one soft infusion set with an integrated one-touch inserter. With a unique, automatic retracting needle, neria™ guard can help to minimize complications and improve insertion comfort.

An automatic needle retraction system helps prevent needle stick incidents and may help to minimize needle fear and pain.

Product Specifications

    • Cannula: Soft
    • Insertion angle: 90 degrees
    • Disconnection feature: Yes, at site
    • Introducer needle gauge: G27, Soft cannula: G23
    • Cannula lengths: 6 & 9 mm
    • Tubing lengths: 12, 60, 80 & 110 cm
    • Adhesive: Built-in
    • Priming volumes: 12 cm = 0.04 ml, 60 cm = 0.10 ml, 80 cm = 0.12 ml , 110 cm = 0.15 ml
    • Needle safety: Yes, passive (Needle not visible before, during and after insertion)
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Reimbursement Codes

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes 6mm

27G introducer needle
Code: PP7441105226NG – 110cm tubing, 6mm cannula length
NDC No.: 08423.1127.56 (6mm)
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes 9mm

27G introducer needle
Code: PP7441105229NG – 110cm tubing, 9mm cannula length
NDC No.: 08423.1127.59 (9mm)
HCPCS: A4221