The Crono S-PID 50

  • Improved site absorption and less site pain Crono S-PID 50 has an extremely high PSI and a particular mechanism in which the pump pushes directly on the rubber piston, making it possible to push the medication with a significant thrust and with high accuracy, especially viscous medications like immune globulins. This pulse equates to 20 µl (microliters) (0.020 ml) per impulse. The effect to the patient is that a strong thrust of a very small pulse of viscous medication means fewer problems with site absorption, site pain and tubing occlusion. Crono S-PID 50 has a liquid crystal display (LCD) which shows relevant information to patient and physician with respect to settings, delivery time and diagnostics.
  • New high volume administration
  • The Crono S-PID 50 is the newest high volume ambulatory infusion pump intended for the controlled subcutaneous administration of prescribed medications to the patient. Crono S-PID 50 is used with a dedicated 50 ml syringe. Programmable with up to five infusion sites.
Short Instructions
User Manual
How to prepare Crono Syrine (50 ml)

Discreet design provides freedom

  • Crono S-PID 50 combines high technology with innovative design. It is small in dimension and light weight in design which makes it ideal for home therapy and provides freedom for the patient to administer medication any time of day without interruption to daily life or leisure activities.

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes

Code : Crono S-PID 50
Pack Factor: Each
NDC No.: 8423.2000.04
HCPCS: E0781

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician.
This pump is for subcutaneous delivery only.