neria ™ soft 90

neria ™ soft 90

The neria™ soft 90 infusion set is a soft cannula infusion set inserted at a 90 degree angle (straight in).

  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set features a disconnect option for more flexibility and the introducer needle can be secured after use for increased needle safety.
  • The cannula and tubing for the neria™ soft 90 infusion set is also sold seperately when either cannula or tubing needs to be changed more frequently.
  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set is specifically tested for use in selected disease areas with drugs formulated for subcutaneous infusion.

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician. This infusion set is for subcutaneous delivery only.


Advantages of neria ™ soft 90

  • Transparent window allows monitoring of the insertion site
  • Disconnect option for increased flexibility
  • Soft and flexible cannula for straight in 90 degree insertion
  • Skin friendly self-adhesive pad – no need for extra dressing
  • Standard luer-lock that fits most pumps
  • Small bore (approx. 0.41 cm) double layer tubing minimises drug wastage and does not kink

Product Specifications

  • The neria™ soft infusion sets are sold in boxes containing 10 sets.
  • Cannulae are also sold seperately – in boxes containing 10 pcs/box.
  • Insertion angle: 90 degrees (straight in)
  • Disconnection: Yes at site
  • Needle gauge: G27
  • Cannula diameter: 0.68 mm

  • Needle lengths: 6 or 9 mm
  • Tubing lengths: 30, 60 or 110 cm (23″, 31″ or 43″)
  • Adhesive: Built-in
  • Needle safety: Yes, active needle safety system
  • neria™ products are Latex-free

FAQ’s about neria™ Infusion Sets


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Product Specifications

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Reimbursement Codes

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes – 6mm

25G introducer needle
Code : PP1105226 – 110cm tubing, 6mm cannula length
NDC No.: 08423.1127.60 (6mm)
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes – 9mm

25G introducer needle
Code : PP1105229 – 110cm tubing, 9mm cannula length
NDC No.: 08423.1127.90 (9mm)
HCPCS: A4221