neria ™ multi

neria ™ multi

The multi-furcated steel needle infusion sets are designed for subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins (IgG) for the treatment of Primary Immune Deficiency.

  • neria™ multi combines the known user benefits of neria™ with a range of multi needle infusion sets for delivery of large volumes over a short period of time (i.e. 1-2 hours).neria™ multi infusion sets have been tested for safe use with:- Immunoglobulins for primary immune deficiency.

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician. This infusion set is for subcutaneous delivery only.


Advantages of neria ™ multi

  • The neria™multi infusion sets are high quality products with a main focus on ease of use and minimizing adverse events. 1,2 This provides a high level of user comfort and security which supports therapy compliance.
  • No Longer a Need for Extra Dressing
  • • Easy Attachment – skin friendly adhesive is pre-attached.
    • Simple Insertion – flexible grips support the simple 90 degree insertion
    • Minimizes pain – a thin 27G needle design helps minimize pain during insertion
    • Low Drug Waste – double layer tubing ( a tube inside a tube)
    minimizes priming volume and reduces kinking
  • 1. Chan G.C.F., Ng D.M.W. et al, Comparison of Subcutaneous Infusion Needles for Transfusion Dependent Thalassemia Patients by the Intrapersonal Cross-Over Assessment Model, Am J.Hematol, 76;398-404
  • 2. Parsons J. Infusion Line preferences of patients prescribed apomorphine for complex Parkinson’s disease. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, December 2009, Vol 5 No 12.

Product Specifications

  • neria™ multi infusion sets are sold in boxes containing 10 sets.
  • Configurations:Single set,Bi-, Tri-, Quad-furcated sets
  • Insertion angle: 90 degrees (straight in)
  • Disconnection: No
  • Needle gauge: G27
  • Adhesive: Built-in
  • Clamp: Yes
  • neria™ products are Latex-free
 Single SetBi-furcatedTri-furcatedQuad-furcated
Needle lengths6, 8 and 10 mm8 and 10 mm8, 10 and 12 mm8, 10 and 12 mm
Tubing lengths60, 80, 110 cmTotal 90 cmTotal 90 cmTotal 90 cm
Priming volume60 cm - 0,10 ml
80 cm - 0,13 ml
110 cm - 0,18 ml
0,36 ml0,43 ml0,51 ml

FAQ’s about neria™ Infusion Sets

Tested and Approved

  • neria™ infusion sets are tested and approved for drug infusion*
  •  neria™ infusion sets are subcutaneous infusion devices developed specifically for use with infusion pumps to support subcutaneous continuous and controlled delivery of fluids into the patient’s body. neria™ infusion sets have been tested and approved for the infusion of drugs in the treatment of:
    • Parkinson’s disease1 Apomorphine
    • Thalasseamia2 Desferal™ (neria™ only)
    • Primary immune deficiency3 Immunoglobulins (IgG)
  • For further information on therapy areas, please see:, and


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Reimbursement Codes

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes BI-furcated needle

36” tubing, 27G BI-furcated needle, 10mm needle length
Code : PP7210602731
Pack Factor: 10/box
NHRIC: 08423.1127.21
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes TRI-furcated needle

36” tubing, 27G TRI-furcated needle, 10mm needle length
Code : PP7210603731
Pack Factor: 10/box
NHRIC: 08423.1127.31
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes QUAD-furcated needle

36” tubing, 27G QUAD-furcated needle, 10mm needle length
Code : PP7210604731
Pack Factor: 10/box
NHRIC: 08423.1127.41
HCPCS: A4221