thalaset ™

Most people would agree that the immediate challenge in Desferal Treatment is to increase the level of patient compliance. Smaller syringe pumps have done much to improve the quality of people’s health and lives. However, pumps themselves are merely an element in the infusion process, they must be attached to a tubing, the infusion set. Even the best pump cannot function optimally without a high quality infusion set.

Many pump users have experienced skin irritations and allergies in connection with Desferal use. Typically, this presents as a local skin irritation around the injection site. In serious cases allergic reactions can occur.

Maintaining the highest possible quality standards

Good design means little if it is not backed up by strict quality standards and controls. thalaset™ has been manufactured to the highest hygienic and quality standards by Unomedical a/s, Europe’s leading producer of single use devices. All Unomedical infusion devices bear the CE mark, your guarantee of quality and reliability.

Low profile & skin friendly set
  • Unlike other ordinary infusion sets, thalaset™ is made from skin friendly polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PUR) tubing, which reduce the risk of
    contact allergies commonly associated with tubing made from
    polyvinylchloride (PVC).
  • Using a special moulding technique, Unomedical a/s securely mounts the fine gauge needle without the use of glue, another common allergen.
  • Furthermore, the skin friendly adhesive eliminated the need for an extra dressing and the cotton backing has a translucent window for monitoring the injection site.

thalaset™ product renamed, see neria™

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician.
This infusion set is for subcutaneous delivery only..

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes – 6mm

29g needle – 6 mm
Code : PP1102936T
Pack Factor: 10/box
NDC No.: 8423.1129.06
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes – 8mm

29g needle – 8 mm
Code : PP1102938T
Pack Factor: 10/box
NDC No.: 8423.1129.08
HCPCS: A4221

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes – 10mm

29g needle – 10 mm
Code : PP1102931T
Pack Factor: 10/box
NDC No.: 8423.1129.10
HCPCS: A4221