The Crono T

Infusion pumps using normal commercial syringes are inevitably cumbersome and thus difficult to use in everyday life, causing the patient to refuse therapy or become non-compliant or non-adherent.

A special syringe, an integral part of the Crono T, allows an efficient reduction of the overall pump size. In this way, patients can freely carry out their therapy during normal daily activities.

Better site absorption

  • Patients following a therapy for a long time, often experience difficulties in absorbing the drug subcutaneously; this may lead to a catheter occlusion with consequent interruption of the infusion.
  • Crono T has a particular mechanism which pushes directly on the rubber syringe piston: so it is possible to reach a thrust of force up to 3 times higher if compared with conventional pumps. See PSI (bar) in technical features.In case of catheter occlusion, an innovative infusion control system makes it possible to proceed with the infusion automatically and once the occlusion is eliminated, to complete it.Crono T is used with either 10 or 20ml Crono syringes.
Short Instructions
User Manual
How to prepare Crono
Syrine (10 - 20 ml)

Rx Required

This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician.
This pump is for subcutaneous delivery only.

Product numbers and Reimbursement codes

Code : Crono T
Pack Factor: Each
NDC No.: 8423.2000.01
HCPCS: E0781