The Crono PCA 50

  • The Crono PCA 50 is a new, innovative, ambulatory, infusion pump which has been developed to meet the need for a small, light-weight, advanced PCA pump that will increase the mobility of patients both in hospitals and in home care.
  • The pump is approved and very suitable for subcutaneous, intra-venous, epidural infusions and can be programmed to deliver:
  1. Continuous infusion
  2. Bolus dose on demand (PCA bolus)
  3. Clinician bolus (administred by clinician or responsible caregiver)
  4. Combinations of programmingpossibilities 1-3
  • The pump is provided with a key-pad lock-out function to avoid unauthorized reprogramming of drug administration.
  • The liquid crystal display (LCD) can show relevant information to caregivers and patients like programmed values, amount of drug delivered, remaining delivery time etc.
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Crono Syrine (50 ml)

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This item is restricted by federal law to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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Code : Crono PCA 50
Pack Factor: Each
NDC No.: 8423.2000.06
HCPCS: E0781