neria ™ soft

neria™ soft is a soft cannula infusion set for angled insertion and can be disconnected at-site. These features make neria™ soft very suitable for lean and active patients.
The disconnect feature makes neria™ soft convenient during long infusion periods and when several insertions sites are needed.
The transparent window at the point of insertion allows monitoring of the insertion site without removing the infusion set, which is important when keeping the integrity of the site.

neria ™ soft 90


  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set features a disconnect option for more flexibility and the introducer needle can be secured after use for increased needle safety.
  • The cannula and tubing for the neria™ soft 90 infusion set is also sold seperately when either cannula or tubing needs to be changed more frequently.
  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set is specifically tested for use in selected disease areas with drugs formulated for subcutaneous infusion.

Crono Five

Crono Five

Discreet design provides freedom

The Crono Five is a new, innovative PCA pump that is very appreciated by health care professionals and patients due to its small size and technical features.

Crono Five is an ambulatory infusion pump especially suited for controlled drug administration on patients in hospital or undergoing a therapy at home.

The pump is suitable for subcutaneous, intra-venous, epidural and intrathecal infusions allowing 4 different administration modalities…