neria ™ soft

neria™ soft is a soft cannula infusion set for angled insertion and can be disconnected at-site. These features make neria™ soft very suitable for lean and active patients.
The disconnect feature makes neria™ soft convenient during long infusion periods and when several insertions sites are needed.
The transparent window at the point of insertion allows monitoring of the insertion site without removing the infusion set, which is important when keeping the integrity of the site.

neria ™ multi

neria multi

  • The multi-furcated steel needle infusion sets are designed for subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins (IgG) for the treatment of Primary Immune Deficiency.

  • neria™ multi combines the known user benefits of neria™ with a range of multi needle infusion sets for delivery of large volumes over a short period of time (i.e. 1-2 hours).neria™ multi infusion sets have been tested for safe use with:
    Immunoglobulins for primary immune deficiency.

Crono S-PID 50

Crono Super PID 50
Improved site absorption and less site pain Crono S-PID 50 has an extremely high PSI and a particular mechanism in which the pump pushes directly on the rubber piston, making it possible to push the medication with a significant thrust and with high accuracy, especially viscous medications like immune globulins. This pulse equates to 20 µl (microliters) (0.020 ml) per impulse. The effect to the patient is that a strong thrust of a very small pulse of viscous medication means fewer problems with site absorption, site pain and tubing occlusion.

Crono Super PID

Crono Super PID

  • Crono Super PID combines high technology with innovative design. Thanks to the small size of the pump, the patient can administer the drug any time during the day without interrupting daily life or leisure activities.

  • Crono Super PID has a particular mechanism which pushes directly on the rubber syringe piston, which makes it possible to reach a significant thrust force and high accuracy of administration.