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insuflon™ – indwelling catheter

insuflon™ makes injections more convenient & comfortable

Although some patients don’t mind frequent daily injections, many object to this painful inconvenience. For these people an alternative may be insuflon™, an indwelling subcutaneous soft cannula. insuflon™ can be used by adults and children (even infants) and was initially designed to help children and their families to come to terms with diabetes. By virtually eliminating the needle pain associated with daily injections, insuflon™ can increase therapy compliance. Currently, insuflon™ is being used successfully in many specialties throughout the hospital and at home to administer subcutaneous medications.

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insuflon™ is gentle

insuflon™ consists of a soft cannula that is gentle to the tissues. It is small and easy to handle, only 18mm (0.71″) long and 0.6mm (0.02″) outer diameter. Insertion of insuflon™ is simple. It is inserted subcutaneously into the fatty tissue of the body at a 20-45º angle. The steel needle, which is used to introduce insuflon™, is then removed leaving the soft cannula in place.insuflon™ has a small membrane through which medication can be injected painlessly. insuflon™ is held in place by a skin-friendly adhesive with a built-in see through window to allow visual inspection of the injection site.

insuflon™ is safe to use

  • The adhesive material is soft and comfortable to the tissue with little risk that insuflon™ will scrape or cause irritation.
  • Leading pediatric hospitals use insuflon™ to administer most of the medications which are given subcutaneously: insulin, heparin, G-CSF, morphine, growth hormones…

insuflon™: the cost effective solution

  • insuflon™ can be left in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the abdomen for up to 3 days, thus the patient will only need to prick their skin once i.e. when insuflon™ is inserted. Within the first few weeks of use, the optimal dwell time for each patient will be established.
  • insuflon™ has been manufactured to the highest quality standards by Unomedical, Europe’s leading producer of single use devices.
  • insuflon™ is Latex-free

insuflon™ works

Patients and staff have an excellent acceptance rate and patients and parents are also able to enjoy the benefits of insuflon™ at home with the support of home care programs.

insuflon™ improves patients’ quality of life

Advantages of using insuflon™:

  • insuflon™ is both simple to use and take care of.
  • insuflon™ is comfortable.
  • insuflon™ removes the inconvenience of repeated injections.
  • insuflon™ increases therapy compliance.
  • insuflon™ is cost effective.
  • insuflon™ allows you to participate safely in active sports.
  • Its special soft cannula is comfortable to use.
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