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Insufloninsuflon™ makes injections more convenient & comfortable
Although some patients don’t mind frequent daily injections, many object to this painful inconvenience. For these people an alternative may be insuflon™, an indwelling subcutaneous soft cannula. insuflon™ can be used by adults and children (even infants) and was initially designed to help children and their families to come to terms with diabetes. By virtually eliminating the needle pain associated with daily injections, insuflon™ can increase therapy compliance.

thalaset ™

thalaset ™Quality StandardsLow profile & skin friendly set thalaset ™ Most people would agree that the immediate challenge in Desferal Treatment is to increase the level of patient compliance. Smaller syringe pumps have done much to improve the quality of people’s health and lives. However, pumps themselves are merely an element in the infusion process, they must…

neria ™ soft

neria™ soft is a soft cannula infusion set for angled insertion and can be disconnected at-site. These features make neria™ soft very suitable for lean and active patients.
The disconnect feature makes neria™ soft convenient during long infusion periods and when several insertions sites are needed.
The transparent window at the point of insertion allows monitoring of the insertion site without removing the infusion set, which is important when keeping the integrity of the site.

neria ™ soft 90


  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set features a disconnect option for more flexibility and the introducer needle can be secured after use for increased needle safety.
  • The cannula and tubing for the neria™ soft 90 infusion set is also sold seperately when either cannula or tubing needs to be changed more frequently.
  • The neria™ soft 90 infusion set is specifically tested for use in selected disease areas with drugs formulated for subcutaneous infusion.

neria ™ multi

neria multi

  • The multi-furcated steel needle infusion sets are designed for subcutaneous infusion of immunoglobulins (IgG) for the treatment of Primary Immune Deficiency.

  • neria™ multi combines the known user benefits of neria™ with a range of multi needle infusion sets for delivery of large volumes over a short period of time (i.e. 1-2 hours).neria™ multi infusion sets have been tested for safe use with:
    Immunoglobulins for primary immune deficiency.

neria ™


The neria™ infusion set product line has been developed and tested specifically for continuous subcutaneous infusions.1,2,3,4,5
All neria™ products have been developed with a focus on therapy compliance and thereby meet the requirements for simple, comfortable, safe and efficient infusion.
Clinical studies show that neria™ infusion sets help minimize pain during insertion and reduce needle related traumas.6,7